This blog is all about cartoons and animation in general. Enough Said really, but if you want to know more about what might end up here, below are the more regular running features I hope to put together.

  • First Impressions
    • In which I watch the first few episodes for a cartoon and comment on it. I’ll be honest, i’m probably going to aim to only watch bad cartoons for this because they’re the ones i’m most likely to drop after a few episodes.
  • Not-Stalgia Way
    • These posts will focus on cartoons from my childhood and before to see if they hold up today, these are going to vary drastically in tone and topic seeing as i might have never seen the show before. Should be fun though.
  • Adventures in Adventure Time
    • So I really like Adventure Time, and have been meaning to go back through it, so I figured why not create a retrospective on it. These posts will be going through Adventure time episode by episode (maybe a few at a time for the earlier seasons) and discussing them, what i like about them and sometimes what I don’t as well as attempting to decipher some of the more eosteric episodes. This will be the most self indulgent of my posts but hopefully the most interesting.

Also on top of all of these recuring features expect some other cartoony tidbits from reveiws on newer shows and various random discussions peices either once or twice a week depeninding on how busy I am

And finally to actually introduce myself. I’m Ben. A Media Student Studying in Bath (England), as you can probably tell from my creation of a blog about cartoons, I love them, in all shapes and sizes, from movies to anime they’re the media form I consume most. I do however play a lot of video games, board games and pen and paper RPG’s .

My hope is to have this blog update every Monday with maybe a bonus post somewhere on the weekend if I have found the time to write 2 posts in a week. So stick around you might find something you like.

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